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Coaching &


Coaching & Development Programmes: 

C01: Build a winning team – Leadership Development

C02: Let’s integrate  - Corporate Governance 

C03: Turning the intangible into results - Goal Setting 

C04: Unite to win - Team Work & interpersonal skills 

C05: Let’s formulate into one Culture – Diversity Training

C06: It’s my business – OAR (Ownership, Accountability & Responsibility)

C07: Ladder of Growth – Succession Planning

C08: Be Smart - Time Management

C09: Converge & Endure - Conflict Resolution

C10: Let’s learn to revive– Problem Solving, Decision Making,

         and Crisis Management

C11: Let’s express – Communication

C12: Let’s excel – Employee Engagement

C13: Let’s live the right way Employee Health, Ergonomics & Wellness

C14: Enhance capabilities - Motivation & Engagement

C15: Be natural - Happiness & Positive Thinking

C16: Let’s survive well – Stress, Anger, Ego & Attitude Management

C17: Be ready for future - Innovative, critical & Analytical Thinking

C18: Let’s respect  - Women @ work

C19: Let’s win – Selling Skills

C20: Learn business - Finance for non-finance employees

C21: Avoid the losses - Risk Management

C22: Be safe and save others, too - Safety & Health at workplace

C23: Be systematic - ISO & Integrated Management System

C24: Hard/ Technical Skills (Optional & additional)

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