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Choosing the Right Job to do - is the Basic Need for Your Career Success

If you want to become a self-made successful personality, the selection of the right job is imperative to you.


Because if you choose a right-fit job for you, your 100% energy, time, and efforts get lined up to make you move and grow in that one particular direction.


Opposite to this, if you have chosen a not-fit job, you will be wasting your half of the time and energy in struggling and hating from the job, blaming others and your bad destiny and rest half of your time and energy will not be able to make you success winning over your competitors who have chosen this job as their right-fit job and putting their 100%-time, energy, and efforts. This way there are major chances for you to de-track and go away from the path of success.

This is essential fact to know that the right job motivates you whereas a wrong job makes you bored.

You love working your right job whereas you start hating your wrong job after a while.

The right job gives you energy and motivation even you do not get good growth at times but the wrong job doesn’t give you satisfaction even you get good results at times.

Let me share with you an unbelievable fact that on this planet, about 90% of people could not make them do not find them successful because they have chosen the not fit job for them and as a result, they could not get what they wanted to have – and whatever they had is not enough to make them successful.

On the flipside, there are only 10% of people on this planet who are are successful and the majority of the resources on earth are under them. Apart from other reasons, the basic one difference is that they have chosen their suit-fit job for them.

Let’s understand this with few famous examples:

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft is a famous Tech-billionaire. Let’s go back in his past life to know the starting point from where his mind was seeded for this great success.

While he was in school, a computer company offered to provide computer time for his school students. As a smart student, he was selected for it. He started learning the basics of computers along with his routine study. Slowly, he found that learning about computers is interesting for him more than everything he is learning and doing.

After that, he started spending much of his time working on the computer. He wrote a tic-tac-toe program in BASIC computer language that allowed users to play against the computer while he was in school. This was the only point from where he got the idea to get success. He could identify his passion and moved ahead in the right direction for him.

He wanted to learn about computers but he was sent to Harvard University to study Law. He didn’t find himself comfortable with the law and dropped out of the study in between and started to work with computers and slowly he wrote a great success story on this planet which makes him a great and successful billionaire.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a successful billionaire businessman and investor. Who does not know his name on this earth? He has written a great success story and is ideal for millions of business entrepreneurs.

Buffett was the son of a congressman a hence he started learning about businesses at an early age. In his teenage, he tried many money-making schemes including delivering newspapers, selling magazines door-to-door, and buying and installing pinball machines at local businesses but he found himself more curious to learn about securities and stock exchange. He started to learn about stock science at a stock brokerage office near his father’s office.

At age 11, he bought his first securities, and in his high school, he was able to buy a farmhouse through his self-made earnings from the stock market itself.

This was the exploration of Buffett to himself that he has interest and strengths in securities exchange and he should opt this for his further life as a career. This became a turning point in his career.

After this exploration, he kept learning and practicing stock brokerages and became a world-famous billionaire.

The almost same story was with 140 Indian self-made successful personalities. Out of this, 17 entrepreneurs are under 40 like

Nitin Kamath & Nikhil Kamath who runs financial company Zerodha. Net Worth Rs. 24000 Cr

Nikhil was tired of the conventional way of education. He felt uncomfortable with the conventional way of education wherein nobody told you ‘why’ you should do something, you just had to do it.

In childhood only, he explored one thing in himself that he has an interest in the business. At the age of 14 only, he started his first business of buying and selling used phones. His parents were not aware of this. One day his mother came to know about his venture and flushed all the phones in the toilet.

But he didn’t stop and at the age of 14 he founded Zerodha the most popular and pioneer stock broking company in India.

Byju Raveendran: Established Byju platform. Net worth Rs. 7800 Cr

Byju belongs to a small coastal village in Kerala. He wanted to make his career in sports but he studied mechanical engineering just opposite to his passion.

His story is a little different than others and a very motivating example to the people who want to make a change now in the later stage.

While in his job, some of Byju’s friends asked him to help them to prepare for the MBA exam. Byju was very good at Mathematics and started teaching for his friends. Byju also attempted the exam along with his friends just for fun. He was amazed when he got a score of 100 percentile in the final exam. After seeing his amazing results, his friends advised starting a coaching class, teach students and aspiring themes for competitive exams.

This was the great exploration of Byju for him and he agreed, resigned from a highly paid job, and started his coaching class. Byju began teaching students on the terrace of his close friend’s house and it is from here that the journey of Byju became a successful entrepreneur.

There are so many similar success stories of the people who got great success in their life and there is a surprising fact in almost every story that the person who got self-made success has decided and chosen a right-fit job for him/herself.

Therefore, the importance of choosing the right job has high importance in a successful career and life. The right career choice will lead you to much greater heights in terms of success, satisfaction, and happiness. This way it will make a success journey easy for you.

Now the question arises that how to know whether we have chosen the right job?

The answer is – there are many ways to test and verify it but you may try the ways given here: -

1. If you feel mentally refreshed almost all the time while on the job, you are in the right job. Opposite to this, if you feel mentally tired frequently on the job – You may be in the wrong job. The right job always boosts you to do more. You might be feeling physically tired but it keeps you mentally refreshed.

2. You remain excited and enthusiastic to go on the job after weekly offs – you are in the right job. If not so, you may be in the wrong job.

3. You think your job is the best option for you. You are in the right job while if you feel other’s jobs are better than your own. You may be in the wrong job.

4. You find yourself stable facing struggles and ups & downs in your job, you are in the right job while you are getting attracted to the different jobs because your job has many struggles and problems, you may be in the wrong job.

5. You feel you are seeing do make an innovation or development through your job, you are in right job whereas if you find nothing new to do, you may be in a wrong job.

There is a lot to share on this topic. However, this is an individualized kind of exercise but necessary to everyone who wants to get success in career and since this is the want of everyone hence becomes need of everyone.

More experiences and ideas can be shared and discussed on the blog....keep reading. For more details, please connect the Coach @ 9499166350 or write @

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