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6 Simple steps to Make Money from Reselling Online – A Zero investment Business for working people a

Reseller business can be done from your comfort zone and entirely online. No physical premise requires for it. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent push to online companies, online reselling is the more lucrative option. It brings all the benefits of a typical reseller business, plus the perks of an online enterprise. It is a viable business option for anyone who wants to sell online but doesn’t have the means and skills to provide their own services or manufacturing their own products.

If you are a working person, homemaker, student want to make money or thinking to become an entrepreneur then a reseller business can be a great option for you.

It has no investment hence no risk. Even people in job also can take it as an option to create secondary income. It has a great future. In this article, you’ll learn the reseller meaning, why you should become a reseller, how to be a reseller online, reselling ideas, and much more.

Beauty of Online Reselling Business

Sale products and services as many as you can: There are no fixed rules for resellers. You can sell numerous service and product types – which may be related or unrelated.

Easy to start and run: For online reselling, you have to start from your network you have on social media channels only. In addition to this, you just have to have your one online store which can be created easily at any online reselling application.

No Investment hence No Risk: Reselling business does not require you to spend on anything hence you neither require capital to start it nor a fear to lose it. It requires only your passion to work and your consistent efforts to promote sale online.

Work-from-home: You can do it from your own comfort time and from home only. Many reselling businesses provide guidance on becoming a partner reseller.

How do I start reselling online?

An online reseller can be anyone –a professional, a student, a housewife, or even a freelancer. All you need is a spirit to become entrepreneur and an initial understanding of the process of reselling. We are here to help you to understand the steps required in starting your online service reselling business.

Here are 6 Basic and Easy Steps to start a online reseller business by Lokman Singh, an entrepreneur, multi-skill trainer and coach

Step 1. Choosing the Products or Services from your Passion Area, it might be a training course, college admission, apparel and clothing, bed covers, dresses, curtains, and suits, mobile phone and a blanket or any item you think you have depth knowledge of it.

Step 2. Create your Reseller Account Online at applications like Instamojo, Amazon, Razorpay, MeeSo etc.. and source companies and products of your choice there.

Step 3. Decide Target Audience. Another good practice is to narrow down who you want to target with your business. Having a customer profile in mind helps you decide the communication channels, marketing strategy, and even promotional decisions.

Step 4. Collect resale links and start posting. Actually the whole reselling business growth depends upon this. Your entire focus and creativity should be applied here.

For this you simply require simple things in a crystal clear way.

- Collect product/ service reselling links created through the online reselling platforms like instamojo or razaorpay.

- Create an attractive advisement putting the collected link and your own information there.

- Post it at your social media accounts and keep posting frequently from hour free time. A research says that a person makes a buying decision after noticing an advertisement minimum 7 times hence keep posting consistently.

Step 5. Get the profit automatically into your bank account against the sale happens through your posting and promotional efforts. You need not to chase anyone to get your profit. This is very smart way of earning. once the sale happens and customer made payment then directly your part of commission/ incentive/ profit goes direct to your account and balance amount in the account of the company whose product/ service you sold.

Step 5. Keep increased your social network at social media channels to sale more and more.

The writer is an entrepreneur, online business coach and a multi-skill trainer. If you want to start your business and require further guidance then please forward your query @

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