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5 Easy Steps to start eLearning Business to earn & grow -Lokman Singh

Friends, Covid-19 has taught us well that learning can happen anywhere, in your home, office and even on the go. Not only academics but advance professional learning also can take place anywhere.

This laid a big foundation for a new future and this can be a great news for the people who are either in this business in any way either offline leaning, online or through learning management systems or thinking to earn and grow through Teaching-Learning business.

Let’s understand first the statistics of it. According to a new research report by Global Market Insights, eLearning Market size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026. Figures are here:

Let’s discuss why this miraculous change is happening:

1. The lockdown effect of Covid-19 has impacted this business positively as many of the educational institutes closed temporarily or permanently limiting public gatherings and maintaining social distancing. Institutions and people switched to virtual mode of learning and the growth rate increased from 7.5% to 15%. In lockdown phase, people got familiar with this methodology and opted it as the only option for the learning. Now this familiarity is changing the entire scenario of the learning business.

2. Mobile Learning: Reach to Smart Phones and Internet is increasing rapidly is also making ease to learn virtually. A report by CNBC says that by 2025, almost 3/4 of the web population will access the internet solely through their smartphones.

3. Personalized Way of Learning: Learning Management System is able to provide learning at the option of the learners. Content Drip Facility facilitates learning in the planned packet manner and the learner can learn it at own speed, choice and convenience, rewinding it as many times they want. There is no fear of teacher annoyance they face in the classroom learning.

4. Cost Effective Learning: eLearning is much economic in comparison of others modes of learning. Now every learner feels comfortable to get learning at their own ease and since this is cheaper than other means of learning hence, they will prefer it in the future too.

These facts have changed the entire learning business scenario and now people are looking forward for more growth in this sector.

We Indian are still stuck on the Learning Management System whereas others have taken the next steps to create Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), the much advance form of eLearning.

If you are also thinking to grow, then this is the opportunity time to start.

The sad part is this that in India, a major part of Teaching fraternity (Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Freelance Learning Facilitators, Coaches) is still not ready to go with this. They are not comfortable and compatible with its requirements. Reasons are:

1. A big number of Teachers, Trainers, Tutors, Freelance Learning Facilitators, Coaches who were delivering their services off-line so far are not trained and prepared for this technology-driven teaching because they did not feel the need of it.

2. It requires resources like electronic gadgets, a small studio, audio-visual course creation techniques and software’s which everyone doesn’t afford and arrange.

3. This fraternity feel reluctant to promote and sell their services. In India, teachers feel shy and do not feel comfortable for marketing and business promotion. They do not learn this which is the essential skill to get success and grow more.

The good news is that this whole exercise is not a rocket science and anyone who is a teacher can learn and do it easily. Anyone who have a skill to teach others or if one think that others can get benefit from his or her knowledge, experience and expertise can start teaching online through online live or recorded courses just making little efforts towards it.

Even the people who have no their own courses can start from promoting other’s courses online as reseller. This will give them a good earning and the insight experience of marketing and build a good buying community which they can use it for selling their own courses in future, if they have plan to create one.

It can be done simply taking 5 easy steps:

1. Develop Your First Online Course: Choose a subject that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and it has demand in the market. Start working on that idea to create eLearning content.

· Outline your course content first and create simple lessons.

· Choose a Learning Method, Document, PowerPoint Presentation, Audio, Video, Blog Post or blended approach.

· Test your Content and ensure it meets the objectives of learning you decided before it. Get it tested from your peers and mentors before publishing online.

Those who want to earn through promoting courses of others can create their online reseller account and start earning through it.

2. Upload the course at any LMS platform like Teachable, Udemy, Thinkific, NewZenler, Invanto and many more. These are very good kind of international platform to start with and earn through eLearning.

3. Create some lead magnets like intro eBooks and Promo Videos for marketing your course.

4. Create a Landing Page and a Sales Funnel online and start posting your eBooks and Promo Videos on Social Media Channels to get popularity online and capturing attention of the market.

5. Take feedback from learners and make improvement in your course and delivery ways.

The basic ideas are – Good Quality Content, Simple Way Delivery and More-n-more marketing is the key to get success in this field.

With best wishes for your growth and success.

Lokman Singh, Multi-Skill Trainer and Coach

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