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03 Types Of Social Media can change your Business And Life

Social-Media is a group of popular Social Community channels created and owned by you and others than you like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest. These channels allow you to put your content and engage more and more people to increase your brand awareness, popularity, and business. Based upon the nature and purpose of the channels, they can be divided into three sub-groups.

1. Owned Media – Owned media includes your Digital Assets and Web Properties Website, Mobile Site, Blog, Email & Social Media Channels like YouTube, Medium, or LinkedIn.

2. Earned Media – Earned media refers here to – ‘Word of Mouth Marketing.’ It includes Online Mentions, PR, Coverage, Interviews, Reviews & Shares..

In digital marketing, you get online mentions like a link back to your site or an invitation to speak at a conference to spread your brand’s message.

3. Paid Media – This is a faster way to get connect with plenty of people online. There is an opportunity to connect in abundance. This includes Facebook ads, Pay Per Click, Display Ads, Google Ads, Banner Ads, Retargeting, Paid Influencers, Paid Content Promotion & Social Media Ads.

To Grow in Business or Profession, we do require all 4 components of Social Media in a harmonious way.

In the next post, we would with you – How to create and strengthen these 4 components of Social Media. To get the next post, please click here….

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