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Services for Schools & Colleges

For Students

S1.  Career Awareness & Guidance Workshops

S2.  Individual Career Guidance based

       upon Psychometric Assessment

S3.  Memory & Mind power Workshop

S4.  Vedic Mathematics

S5.  Health & Safety Awareness Workshop

S6.  Lifestyle Awareness & Yoga

S7.  Behavioral Counseling workshops

S8.  Pre-examination counseling workshops

S9. Pre-Placement Training for College Students

For School/ College

SC1. Parenting Workshops

SC2. Strategy Partnership for Change Management

For Teachers

T1. Teacher Competency Framework & TNA Programme

T2.  Classroom Management

T3.  Professionalism in Teaching

T4. Teaching-Learning outcome Strategies

T5.  Leadership & Administration

T6.  Life Skills & Values

T7. Core Competencies

T8.  Examination

T9.  Documentation & Records

T10.  Teacher Performance Monitoring

T11.  Handling Parents and Communication

T12.  Stress Management

T13.  Health & Wellness

Signature Programmes

Programming for Success -

for the school students of

class IX - XII (Code: SP01)

Proven outcome: Enhancement & improvement in interest & confidence in learning, to know how to identify own strengths and improvement areas and how to decide and achieve career goals. 

Programming for Success -

for the college students of

(Code: SP02)

Proven outcome: To know how to identify SWOT, career options, decide and achieve goals. 

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